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Planck Foundation has done a lot of strategic consulting by many actors in the 15 years. Weíre called in by the leadership to deliver landslide changes/extensions/realizations, but very often only the leadership wants those changes/extensions/realizations. All the layers under the leadership donít want to change nor to extend at all. Strategic consulting on major changes/extensions/realizations is close to useless we learned throughout the years. Only 5% of the steering of the leadership reaches Ďthe wheelsí, the other 95% is kicked back by the deep cart tracks the organization has generated over the years. Change is difficult. Paradigmatic changes are impossible. So we donít believe that much in just/only strategic consultancy alone anymore. Unless the reason why paradigmatic changes are needed can be communicated: in that case the score is double, but yet unsatisfying (due the cart track issue).

Itís time to call things as they are. Realizing change due strategic consulting without power mandates is not that fruitful for the actors. We know when people want to change (not that much) and when they donít (most of the time). We donít mind ploughing on rocks if they will deliver harvests in the future. But we donít like no effects, nor like to waste the time of our mandators, so we are heading towards other change models. As weíre primary in for the change and not for the money we donít sell strategic consulting not that much any more. Strategic consulting without deployment power is like steering a lame steering wheel. Rewiring organizations is just not happening in reality. Itís more wishful fantasy than actual reality. The leadership needs to dare to sell the changes themselves too: telling why paradigmatic changes are needed. No longer running away outside to escape the internal resistance inside. Change is hard. Landslide changes are harder.

But. Change can be realized. For sure. Just not by strategic consulting. Not even by tough leadership that kicks the ball hard in the right direction time after time. Organizations are made of concrete. Tradition rules. Much more than leadership. Furthermore: delegating temperately limited some internal power (which is needed for strategic consultancy to bear fruit in change) is not an easy (and also not a wise) choice. This is why we advise our mandators to realize temperately external structures that will deliver the change and than graft ( this new function/operation back into the main organization. Experience learned us that this method delivers 100% return on change efforts and it draws realizing change back to just a leadership choice. Only a direction choice and a budget allocation are needed. The rest is taking care of. Outsourcing change is the only why to achieve it at all. The temperately structures that realize the new directions are woven/grafted into the core organization at the right moment. Delivering direct output. Neutralizing all existing organizational cart track resistance but delivering Ďnew organizational cart tracksí towards the new wanted directions.

If you're in charge of a Government, Central Bank, Financial, Telco or Corporation and its strategic change is hitting bedrock or a wall. You might consider our 'grafting' model for delivering the wanted strategic changes. It delivers. It re-invents/re-designs current operations in more favourable directions. It works perfect for adding total new facets/functions to an organization. To add facets/functions that otherwise never would be added. The so called 'blue ocean' facets/functions: facets/functions where competitors are yet absent (see for more on this specific strategy Anyway: ventures are the new and effective way/road/method of strategic consulting: talking/advising become doing/realizing. Better/quicker new/extended performance for the organization by less difficult/tensed change/realization management time demand for the boards. We lift the burden/pressure of changes/extensions/realizations of the board. We realize changes / new directions at the same speed as other just discuss how to kick the can down the road. Realizing changes or creating the framework for new directions is an art that demands other 'DNA' than available in most organizations. Temperately needed. Yet game changing.

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