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The use of the Energy as ROI (kWh as ROI) model and the Energy as Fee models could be Shariah compliant, as they don't are based on interest but on investment outcome and transaction profit. As we all know the Quran forbids to charge interest as ROI, which rules out any Interest as ROI model for the Islamic part the the world economy. Planck Foundation seeks Muftis all over the world that want to research the 'Energy as ROI' and 'Energy as Fee' investment and transaction models and analyse if they are truly Shariah compliant. This could stimulate the sustainable development of the Muslim parts of global economy and Muslims all over the globe severely, delivering them also the wanted Sustainable Prosperity. It also could be used by the Islamic nations to redirect their sovereign wealth funds in more asset value sustainable directions and also could be used to compensate the loses made the last year caused by unsustainables/bubbles. It could also extent the energy income stream for the Islamic nations, making them PeakOil proof, giving them more time to diversify their economies in a riba free way. Energy as Shariah is a concept capable of generating a massive energy transition investment wave.

Author: Gijs Graafland

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