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Enough talk. Even more papers. No change. That's the current status on energy transition. Everybody with an IQ of 100 and above sees the need for change and the consequences of no change. But talking is easy. Writing/reading also. Action is the hard one. Why? Action needs models to channelize the efforts to maximum efforts. There aren't not too much explorers that just go and find new roads. Action is risky. Action needs courage and that's a scarce commodity. Certainly in politics. Therefore we need models: they bring in knowledge, experience, data, intelligence, creativity. These models only bring these items if they are open. Open Foundation ( wants to facilitate this models. We need technology (available), we need finance (see the Energy Finance paper for all possible models/facets/tools), we need demand (demand is a result of supply, finance and communication) therefore maybe it's better to say: we need technology, finance and social media type of structures. The impact of social media in realizing energy transition will be higher than everyone is expecting: Fix technology, fix finance and create social media 'containers' (a technological model within the Open Social Protocol) and social media will take care of realization by people/companies/governments. We need Open Foundation to realize this. Open Foundation needs you to realize itself. If we can realize these structures, we will empower people/companies to do the change. They will become the motor. The hard work for change than is done. Getting change is about being smart. Using the power/wishes of people/companies and let them change their own future. Just facilitates them. If we can realize this. Action will be everywhere. Realising change is about making technology available, making finance available and then let people/companies do their thing. This is the only method that really will give paradigmatic change. We need paradigmatic change. Energy is Action is a very valid statement.

Author: Gijs Graafland

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