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This paper delivers a framework for both setting up energy politics as for energy finance.
It can be used local, regional, national, supranational and international.

It is written fully out of the economic perspective. There's not a leaf of green/red/blue politics facet in it.
It targets the transition away from the fuel based energy model, a transition that delivers a fuel-free model.

This paper advocates the opinion that rising energy/resources prices mainly caused the Credit Crunch.
Understanding the economic and financial effects of higher energy/resources prices is crucial.

Energy Finance is described as the bridge towards global sustainable prosperity.
The energy finance model components described can be instantly applied by any bank or nation.
All of them certainly delivers both economic/financial recovery and energy transition the same time.

We stopped publishing testimonials as that would take a FTE out of research to handle them.
Some of the old ones can be found on but this list is far from actual.
We also stopped publication of testimonials as we see networking the next phase after development.

Besides energy finance there's also a need for open energy technology that delivers the most output.
A model for this can be found on which targets to facilitate energy transition.
Also an advanced blank label demand concentration tool for governments/banks are also described there.

This paper advocates also different views on two controversial items: climate change and global population.
While delivering the needed political and financial tools to change the world.

Anyone in banking will understand the proposed energy finance models within a minute.
They are developed to meet the need of both energy transition and the current status of financials.
Not any new ideology, that we've enough of that already. We just need finance tools. Very effective ones.

Here they are as result of years of independent not sector /party connected research/development.
Usage feedback is always welcome. Both of the energy politics facets, as energy finance facets.

Our next project is the initiation and realization of Open Foundation (see
It will support individuals, companies, (central)banks and governments by offering free data structures.

What's needed? Technology (available), Finance (this research) and Demand (will come automatically).

Let's create fuel-free energy model. The economics of it are better than of the carbon/fossil model.

Author: Gijs Graafland

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