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Energy funds ran that a managed by a good team can deliver both good ROI (cash or in kWH). The energy funds will replace the roll of the oilcos in the economy. There will famous good fund managers. They will have good/neutral/bad relations to energy project developers. Good multiple auditing can keep the can-artists out of the sector. Can-artists (by their laziness and drive for easy money) will be found mainly in the energy funding sector as well in the energy project development sector. Funds can perform well, neutral or negative. Any investor should know right now that beautiful marketing doesn't tell anything on the real values. Energy funds in each nation should establish a sector interest cooperation unit and support a independent web based medium on energy funds. Media delivers critic and critic prevents misbehaviour that can damage the whole energy fund industry in a nation severely and for quite a long time. Smart funds use separate not interconnected entities for each investment, these SIV sub funds has no need for unused liquidities (which lowers ROI) and have thereby a higher ROI. Funds can deliver significant equity or other type of funding to the markets. The Madoff case is one huge warning for anyone that want to invest in non-transparent funds. Madoff was a very respectable person in the financial world: he even served several years as chairman of the Nasdaq. Trust is nice, auditing is better. Funds must be audited very much. Law enforcement on fraud must be intensified. Funds needs to be as transparent as possible. The simple and transparent a fund is, the more it can be trusted. Energy as Fund is a concept capable of generating a massive energy transition investment wave.

Author: Gijs Graafland

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