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There are several parties in the energy investment market. First there are companies/households that 'fancy' certain types energy investments. Second there are banks that 'fancy' certain types of energy investments. Third there are hardware suppliers. Fourth there hardware installers. Fifth there are services (advice, maintenance, insurance, etc). Sixth there are project developers. See all this as data and see that there are matches (joint subsets) in this data. Matching of these 'profiles' will be done automatically. Banks just can dig/search automatically by wanted profile definition the type of finance, the type of investment, the type of return they want and send automatically a customized offer to this demand. Other market parties (like hardware manufacturers/vendors, services, insurances, maintenance) can do the same. Energy as Match rationalize/digitalize energy investments finance and realisation. Delivering both volume and cost reduction to the banks and other parties (as in: double profits by turn over increasing and cost reduction), which will be translated (due to the system transparency) to lower CAPEX and OPEX (interest is the highest part of OPEX by renewable energy) of these investments, making the energy output cheaper. The Open Finance Platform also gives the demand side possibilities for demand concentration. One person in a street, district, village, city can take the lead in demand concentration. This even could be done commercial (as in: with a kick back fee). If companies/households start to understand the future perspectives of energy, the market demand for energy harvesting facility investments will grow. If banks start to understand the huge possibilities and benefits of energy finance tools the supply of finance will grow. The needed Tier One capital demand issues need to be solved by BC on BS energy specific regulation and transaction attached by the Energy as Fee model. The needed liquidities must be made available by Energy as DM model by the market and Energy as QE by Central Banks. If central banks start to understand the benefits of energy focused QE, only than than supply can meet demand this emerging demand even in current times of Credit Crunch. Energy as Match is about a local/regional/national Open Platform for Energy Investments. These platforms works basically very similar to internet based dating sites. The local/regional/national platform can be economic independent by demanding $1/E1 per send offer (this is also a 'taxation' based limitation on individual offer communication). Suppliers and demand party could give this platform a setting of yes/no regarding receiving offers and/or quotation requests. Each nation should have its copy of this energy investment platform running as soon as possible. It will deliver many good things: less export of wealth by energy import, internal economic use of energy money, economic recovery/transition, bank recovery/transition. These investment platforms will use the Open Social protocol, so people will not have to initiate a new sign-up procedure with ditto new login/password combination and (much important) the virtual 'boxes' can be used on other network sites (enabling these huge communication mass). For more information on the 'Energy as Match' model see or see the extended version of this diagram on Energy as Match is a concept capable of generating a massive energy transition investment wave.

Author: Gijs Graafland

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