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As nations seriously start to switch to a fuel-free energy system, they became not only stronger in capital terms, they became also less dependent on supply and transport they can't control ever. Energy independence is one of the holy grails in politics: it ensures wealth production and wealth security. This is why energy independence should be not only on the agenda of every politician worldwide, but on the top of it. Stop the export of Wealth is something the electorate certainly will appreciate. Less risk is an other one they certainly will be happy to vote for. Good policies attracts more voters. Voters are more smart than ever. Good policies also will attract the passive part of the electorate. Energy independence not only a wealth creator and insurer, it's also a strong force in global peace and stabilization. Nobody wants war, war is just good for weapon manufacturers and of course for a few conscience poor constructors who have chosen to be the cheerleaders of war and to whom human suffering is a business opportunity ('event driven' corporate model they say in their communication). Want wealth/prosperity/assets? Take guide all households/companies in your nation to the many energy independence exits on the current energy road, by just installing the signs to it. Want no global tension and/or war? Just place the energy independence signs on the economic road of your nation. Energy is Independence is a very valid statement.

Author: Gijs Graafland

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