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Anyone with some open perspective to energy data will see the derailing of the carbon based energy system coming. Due to declining discoveries, higher exploration costs and lower qualities. Operating a fuel system based energy system is from out the perspective of an economist not a very bright/wise concept. Energy transition away from fossil towards a fuel free will not be lead by a new breed of political leaders: their emerging takes to much time. It must be guided by the current political leadership. This is hard. Political leaders are like CEOs: continuous too occupied by the day to day agenda/system/organization/structures This is the big challenge for politicians in office. Knowing what matter and what's not that important. On top of this analysis of the urgency, vision is needed. Vision can't produced while running. This is the huge challenge for change: politicians have an instant need for the right analyses and the right vision. It will be delivered by the few politicians who stepped out of the themselves total consuming mill stairs and stop making some micro changes to the old energy model and lead their nations into the Sustainable Prosperity direction of a fuel free energy system. Politicians with an empty day to day more of the same agenda and a full national agenda. Energy is Vision is a very valid statement.

Author: Gijs Graafland

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