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The fractional banking system with its money supply by virtual loan creation will be abundant as it only works in economies that are severely growing. The world needs a new sustainable banking system, that facilitates sustainable prosperity. Not longer FED/BIS based but tied to real values (kWh?), also working in no longer growing economies that are focused on sustainable prosperity. Growth is the target of the 20th century. Sustainable prosperity the target of the 21st century. As due to PeakOil economies 'retract in distance', local banks will gain near 100% of the banking market. Local banking is the banking way of the future. The Raiffeisen local bank design (covered by own joint regional/national structures) will be leading for any bank in economies which are restructured due PeakOil. The connection between asset and value will be faceable. Bank directors granting themselves high bonuses on fake profits (that later-on will proven real losses) will be something only mentioned in history books. A local board or owners will certainly not allow this and if they decide to give themselves a bonus, they will be kicked out by the real bank owners: the customers.

Author: Gijs Graafland

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