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When one family in the street has no food or is disconnected from the power/gas grid, they're losers. When the whole street has no food and no electricity and heat, they will go together to the food stores and grid curb hubs and take it by violence. Mad Max alike situations. Both the Credit Crisis and the Energy Crisis will hurt societies/economies severely. Action gives reaction. You can't take (nobody takes, just symbolic way of saying) from large groups of society without expecting any response. People that have lost everything, have no more to loose. Panic Football will be the default status. Anarchism will grow severely as people has become disappointed in their leaders. Therefore it's so important that political leaders see the actual developments and tell them to their nations. Truth is the glue record between our current relatively stable present and a stable severe dynamic future. If they don't tell the truth on the Credit Crisis and the Energy Crisis, the current leaders will be thrown out of office when the first real impact shocks appears. Leaders that have not analytic capabilities are no leaders in changes: they just can run the shop, nothing more. By the first wave of turbulence they not will be send home, they will already be home (for 'private' or 'career' reasons). Leaders that had analytic capabilities and see the current developments and there consequences, have till now done nothing (don't expose, maybe it will be solved), or don't see the real impact of the Credit Crisis and the Energy Crisis, or hope (against better knowing) that somewhere, sometimes something will solve it. Leaders that want to be in charge if the consequences of the Credit Crisis and the Energy Crisis really comes to the surface (are their any??) should stop being ostriches and facing their nations with those not pleasant to tell problems and their causes and consequences. That would ease the societal/economic impact in a way that societies/economies can absorb it better. Otherwise it will be 'the smash against the wall' scenario of Simmons and societal rest is than something that has been and economies without societal rest are bad performing economies. Relation troubles on the ship during bad weather. Double bad luck. Maybe there's also a Leadership Crisis. And maybe lack of leadership is actual the source of any other crisis (from the Credit Crisis, by the Energy Crisis, the Water Crisis, the Food Crisis, the Stagflation Crisis, the Currency Crisis, the Governmental Crisis till the Geopolitical Crisis). Weak leadership lets things grow wrong. Weak leadership runs away by problems. Weak leadership enforces problems, instead of preventing/addressing them. The relatively lack of anarchism has boost the global economy severely, this will end.

Author: Gijs Graafland

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