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In times of headwind, destructive politicians can grow easily. Their formula is always the same: solve nothing, just blame one part of the nation (or of the world). Hiding their own lacks of leadership/vision behind a scape-goat/whipping-boy. In South Africa this is actual growing (foreign workers gets the blame). In the USA this is also growing (Arabs gets the blame). In Europe this has been a problem for almost a century. As people has become disappointed in their leaders, anarchism grows severely. This will make space for fascistic leaders which otherwise never would have any support of anyone (because they're not the bright people that have a lot more to offer) and they suddenly finds lots of space to grow. An empty stomach is not a good political advisor (Albert Einstein). Fascism is always a response to some high impact economic/societal accident. The rise of Hitler has been impossible if there was no such economic turbulence (caused primary by financial chaos as direct and indirect results of war, the 1929 effects didn't result in fascism in other countries). Nations that take up the sword, will go down by the sword. A mature (ages old) wisdom, that darkens certainly US, Saudi, Israeli and also Palestinian future perspectives severely. On war grows destruction, war derails everything. Economies, people, families, households, companies. Rebuilding has nothing to do with war. The first thing of rebuilding is burying war very deep. Rebuilders are economic saints, warriors/destroyers are economic demons. For preventing all these causes of fascism, it's so important that leaders see the actual developments and address them adequately. The fascisms has hurt the global economy severely, and will do it again if leaders stay weak, chicken and short sighted. Leaders are obliged to analyse, see stones on and holes in the road and facilitate economies/societies a safe trip to the future, no matter the road and the weather. If they don't do that (starting with analysing and then communication of the results) they as lazy in research (and thereby a little dumb) 'leaders' will be replaced by not lazy action (but very lazy in research) popular action really bad leaders, which will throw societies/economies into a lot of friction and thereby into internal resistance and thereby in economic malfunction. Fascism is economic friction and it's results are not good. Hitler just borrowed and robed a fake economy together that was not sustainable in anyway. Fascism is just for the leaders, not for the people. Unfortunately people will choose fascistic leaders when the normal leaders has done a bad job and brought them into serious trouble. Good leaders analyse the Credit Crisis, the Energy Crisis and the Water Crisis, and first of all start being honest about it (just saying: we have no answer, we must make the answer together and there is no one answer anyway, we must do a lot, starting with analysing and making a to do list and setting priorities). The relatively lack of fascism has boost the global economy severely, this will end.

Author: Gijs Graafland

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