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As energy will become expensive due the Energy Crisis, the most recognizable change will be: shorter distances. Transport and travel are very energy intensive and thereby will be considered as not economic. These two simple lines will create a whole new concept of economy/society. Local which was only the local we sleep, will become the location where we live, work, relax, entertain, etc, etc. Our world. And we will make it a good world. Local communities/economies will enhance severely. Local will be equal to vibrant, to value for money. In times of high energy prices: Less travel is more to spend. Less transport is lower prices. Less time demand for travel will boost time to live. Food (good: high quality and abundant in flavors) will become more important. Eating will become equal to advanced/relaxed social life. Advanced localization economies have more time for advanced societies. Playing soccer and all other sports will gain enormous in popularity. Music and the pub will regain enormous in popularity. Local governments will become the most important governmental layer. Any governmental layer above the local level will be seen as just servicing. The power will be local. Any product or service will be produced as close to the demand as possible. Local assemblage of global designed products will be leading. China will no longer be the workplace of the world as energy (and not labor) will become the most important cost factor. The jobs will be brought home due to this. Literally. To the hometowns of the world. Both quality of innovation and life will become the focus areas of any town. How to build and maintain local low energy prosperity. Live in times after cheap energy will be different, but certainly don't have to be less prosperous and even can be better than in times of cheap energy, if we do the right things. The river will have a rocky part for a while, but good local teams with good captains will guide their local ships to new economic destinations.

Author: Gijs Graafland

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