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The only bio technology that really matters is the one that by algae/bacteria takes N out of the air (abundant available there) and put in the ground (where is a shortage of it). As the future of the current way of producing fertilizer gets darker every day by the high energy demand of its production process. Mankind must find an other way to get the N (abundant available in the air) from the air into the soil (where it's needed for food grow processes), or face famine. Period. Everybody who understand current agriculture and current fertilizer production understand/underwrite this. The smartest way is to 'move' the production process to the location where the N is needed: the soil. Finding, isolate and grow algae/bacteria that are capable to do this should be the salvation of our food production. The holy grail of food. Leaving all fancy gen modification muddle far behind. Algae/bacteria that duplicate themselves in/on the soil (!), use solar light and its conversion into warmth as dual facet sun fuelled power sources (!) and just do the job in fertilizing the soil by capturing N from the air into the soil, without any carbon fuel demand. Spraying it before/during sowing on the soil or by giving seed an algae/bacteria containing starch based 'jacket' before sowing. Natural selection based algae/bacteria research/selection technology will be very high tech assisted by catalysts, by energy (lasers, frequencies, voltages, resonances). Algae/bacteria technology based on GM (gene modification) is too stupid for words and will only be done by biotech gamblers with no sense for any consequences. GMO should be forbidden by international law. That algae/bacteria technology is possible is showed by the yeast industry that already over a century delivers 'local' micro biology in bread all around the world.

Author: Gijs Graafland

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