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As economies go local, the demand for high quality and very diverse local produced food (vegetables, fruit, herbs, but also fish and things like flowers) grows severely. Low energy demanding and low space demanding food producing technology will rise. This development will be lead by the Grow|OS. An open source agricultural operating system for high tech greenhouses. Grow|OS is based on 'crop profiles' which are the best grow variable of all grow facets placed in a time line. As in: than x, in value y for period z. And this of all grow facets. The knowledge of the farmer caught in a digital file. Grow|OS interfaces between the crop profiles and the installed greenhouse equipment. By Grow|OS, crop profile manufacturers don't have to address all tens of thousands types of equipment, but just can feed general value settings (temperature, light color, light intensity, air flow, etc, etc, etc) to Grow|OS and on the other hand: greenhouse device manufactures (sensors and grow facet influencers) just can interface very simple to only one OS, instead of the need to interface to tens of thousands of crop profiles. Grow|OS will give abundant, low energy demand, low space demand, so cheap and very diverse food production. The diversity is also because Grow|OS can divide greenhouse in small apartments, making a very diverse crop assortment available and because Grow|OS can let plants grow off-season and off-climate. Both the crop growth knowledge as the crop maximization knowledge are 'caught' in one digital file. Fish will be grown local in fish farms. Meat cattle will be held local, but very expensive (due the cereal/meat ratio of 5:1). Bio industry based meat will become very expensive due the cereal/meat ratio of 5:1. Global cities will import meat from countries with a lot of land and water where the cattle eat only grasses and no cereals (like Argentina, Australia, New Zealand and Russia), if the have the purchase power for it. Meat replacers will become more popular as the price of meat goes to high levels. The old ones and also new types will both accelerate in market supply/demand.

Author: Gijs Graafland

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