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As local economies/societies will become the major facet of peoples lives, national politics will become less important and geopolitical issues will become almost irrelevant. Globalization as we know it will be redefined. Concerning information, music and knowledge we will be more international than ever, but funding wars will become to hard to do. The military flame will be extinguished by the effects of both the Credit Crisis and the Energy Crisis. Local governments will not fund geopolitical wars where they never will get any benefit from so ever. War is business and if there no business in war, there is no war. In an advanced local driven/fuelled economy/society, geopolitical wars are just considered a 20th century curiosity. Stupid nations will fight for the last barrel of oil, smart nations invent oil/gas/carbon independent prosperity. When almost everything needed by the above developments for the lowest price and the best quality local/regional can be produced, international trade will only be done in equipment.

Author: Gijs Graafland

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