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Knowledge, innovations and inventions is what we need by entering a new (low energy based prosperity) chapter in the history of mankind. Loads of knowledge, innovations and inventions. How to pollinate innovations and inventions with knowledge. How to bridge the gap between the academic world and the business society? The first solution is to cut budgets of the academic structure severely, as will be done as nations gets into financial problems by the Credit Crisis, the Energy Crisis and all the attached other crises like the Currency Crisis and the Governmental Crisis. It's very clear that budgets and knowledge, innovations and inventions are not linear lines. The academic world and the business world don't speak the same language. Not bad, as long that there are good interfaces between both worlds. The optical compact disk (CD) is not invented by Philips, but by a Canadian professor. Philips has used his blueprint for optimizing his technological model. The next decades will be like the last decades of the 19th century: very much focused on both general science as actual devices build on the new general science discoveries.

Author: Gijs Graafland

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