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As minerals become more and more scare and thereby expensive (due to universal market supply and demand reasons) seawater technology will grow. The sea is just a diluted liquid form of anything available on the planet. Exploration of these diluted but very abundant source of minerals/elements will not be done by distillation of seawater. This because water molecules absorb very much energy per 1 degree temperature rise and due the fact that energy will be expensive and the dilution is quite severe. Seawater technology will focus on alternative ways of harvesting these diluted minerals/elements, developing mineral/element 'magnet' technology. Technology that will attract a specific kind of mineral/element. This could be by catalysts, by energy (lasers, frequencies, voltages, resonances) and/or by natural selection based algae research/selection. Sea silk will the name of the organism based type of sea mineral harvesting method. Mineral harvesting algae technology based on GM (gene modification) is too stupid for words and will only be done by biotech gamblers with no sense for any consequences. GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) should be forbidden by international law.

Author: Gijs Graafland

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