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If the current core column (energy) and the five other major cornerstones of our current economy model (resources, transport, information/communication freedom, property legal/protection and capital supply by financials) are melting, you or replace them by new (based on actual situation) ones, or you choose to do nothing and let the building collapse, or you start build a new building. This is not a doomsday scenario, but just economics. Scientists who don't see the possibility of total collapse of the current system don't understand the impact of cheap/abundant energy on current economy (and therefore on government/society). New technology equals not new energy. This a huge major misperception of the 'half awaked' intelligent people. Of course technology can create/conserve energy, but the enormous loads fossil energy has give us the last decades will not easy to be replaced. Transition to new non-fossil prosperity is only option if fossil energy is getting expensive and running out. Collapse is not about there is no fossil energy left, but about there is more demand than supply and therefore high prices. High prices erode the old (based on cheap and abandoned) model till it collapse.

Author: Gijs Graafland

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