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First: By air freight flown-in vegetables and fruit will become too expensive for the common people. Local produced food will become popular again. Second: Local food production will get an enormous boost Third: Local food production will become partial (off season, off climate) very high tech by Grow|OS: an open source greenhouse operating system that interfaces between standard high tech greenhouse equipment and crop profiles (best crop specific settings of all equipment during the whole grow process): servicing both hardware manufacturers and crop profile makers, and local farmers. Fourth: Vegetables/fruit/herbs/flowers/fish based on Grow|OS technology will gone be practiced in underground structures (double layer cities/villages plateaus/islands or circle/straight levies/railroads). Fifth: Meat will become much more expensive than it is now and by this will be mostly eaten once a week instead of every day. Sixth: Meat replacements will gets an enormous boost. Culinary (re)inventions will bring new facets into global food. Seventh: Global species and recipes will continue gaining popularity. Recipes doesn't cost any energy by themselves and the energy facet of transport species is negligible. Eight: pre-prepared food will decline (food out of packages). Ninth: Due people will get more exercise (by less car miles due to expensive fuel costs) they will eat more without attached health problems, they even get healthier. Tenth: Cooking and eating will become more important than it is today (local economies, less travel time, more local live, more friendships, less speed).

Author: Gijs Graafland

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