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Economy is power, there is never been an empire that wasn't started with economic power. This was the good news for 'the old world' and is now the bad news for the old world. The end of empires always started with the decline of their economic performance, over-stretchiness due too much arrogance on global matters, and competitors who are waiting to move forward or change to lift their powers to equal levels. After the collapse of the USSR (an empire that has gone bankrupted on the low oil price of the '80ties: see the Global Resources Analysis), the USA was the only ruler of the global high seas. In 2008, China, India, Australia and Japan underline the importance of the west part of the Great Ocean as their economic/energy life line and decided all four to intense their surveillance of this crucial part of the high seas. Like the USSR has fallen, the US will fall. The USA her federal government, local governments, banks and currency are technical bankrupted. The high energy price drains governmental, corporate and household budgets severely. High energy prices hits the hardest by the mega users. The USA is with 22% of global energy consumption an actual mega user, but in terms of relative consumption 4% of the world population uses 22% of the world energy a total by energy costs drowned nation. If the whole world should use today as much energy as Americans, there would be 550% more energy used as actually is used today. Economies that are US dollar based feels the energy price increase the most/hardest, in other economies, the high oil prices are a little compensated by the decline of the dollar as oil currency.

Author: Gijs Graafland

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