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The climate discussion will undergo two major changes: First due the energy demand it will loose completely its power (as in: becoming no decision facet anymore). The struggle for keeping supply as closed as possible to demand will lead to use of huge loads of carbon based energy, also heavy use of even the nastiest as oil, heavy oil, sulfur oil, coals, tarsands and shales. The last two carbon sources (tarsands and shales) have only a 50% to even 20% efficiency (20% efficiency: 5 units of that energy source needed for producing 1 commercial transportable unit of that energy). On the other hand the CO2 will be supported huge by the fact that in the struggle for realizing new affordable energy capacities huge economic affordable renewable energy stream will come online. As carbon energy prices rise, carbon free renewable energy will become the most affordable energy source.

Author: Gijs Graafland

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