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Energy is similar to credit a major facet of our economies/companies/households/lives. Our economy/society and we self don't know much about energy, still is it the main facet of our economy. What is energy? Energy was something we used for cooking and heating, and was mainly wood burning driven. Energy is the potential to produce anything trough devices. It can have several sources and appearances, but it 1) powers direct or (via power plants or other huge energy form transformer) indirect our devices and 2) extent our reach (extent the distances of all goods/services). Take energy away from our economy/society and all our devices would stop working and we could not transport/travel anymore. Energy is the source of both life support (explained by impact) and prosperity. Our main energy sources in the 20th century was (and still is today) carbon/fossil based energy resources.

Author: Gijs Graafland

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