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As we will change to other sources of energy, we will also change to other types or energy. This is an additional problem. Our current devices are not suitable for these adjusted types of energy. Our cars don't run on electricity, but on gasoline, LPG or diesel. We need a complete new installbase. A complete new range of devices. From heating, to cooking, to mobility (scooters, bikes, cars, trains, agricultural machinery, planes, etc). As economies really will suffers under high energy prices, economies will face a complete extra needed investment wave: the installbase (most of our devices). This in a time that the financial system is 'down for maintenance". If we every need a good financial system, it was the next years, but we must do without it. In the whole installbase transition we have one huge 'tailwind'. Not all devices will go with us to the next phase. Cars and planes are two huge capital intensive installbases that we don't need to transite: they use so much energy that we just use less of them and by this the old installbase will perform till they are technological or economic dead.

Author: Gijs Graafland

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