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Energy will overtake completely modern warfare technology. The Neutron Bomb was abandoned by public responses to the concept in the '80ties. But the military industrial complex is certainly very much open in research funds and active production of energy weapons. SDI and HAARP are the big projects that are published and are in realization. But reports both from Panama (see the Panama Deception) and Lebanon (see Google) indicates that the 400 year old gun based technology is due to replace with new energy weapons. The old fashion guns, machine guns and artillery will be replaced with some new technology Tesla one 100 years ago has developed, as side effect of his research, but was not very enthusiastic about due the consequence for humanity (like Einstein for the same reasons was not enthusiastic on the N Bomb). The military industrial complex certainly will fund any company mobile energy storage solution. Sometimes bad things has good side effects.

Author: Gijs Graafland

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