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Electrical power is the future face of energy. Electrons will replace molecules (where this already isn't done). Maybe there will be a second face of energy in the hydrogen economy, this depends on the development of hydrogen technology, both in producing and in local/mobile conversion devices. But for now the hydrogen economy is just science fiction and has the huge disadvantage that is 'offers' people/companies/governments a not existing 'solution'. Energy will be more and more less carbon molecules and more and more electrical power. Our power grid infrastructures are old. In technology. Based on central power generation. The future is about decentral power generation. Our power grid infrastructures are 'low capacity' according to some futurists. But as power generation will become most decentral/local, the transport capacity need will be lowered severely. Some HVAC infrastructures will be changed to HVDC to create an interregional (but more likely an international) network that feeds power from difficult carbon (coal/tarsand/shale) rich countries and from desert rich (CSP) countries.

Author: Gijs Graafland

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