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The total new perspective on energy we likely not will get from the scientifically world. The scientifically world shows major characteristics of fossils (once alive, now just a capture of that former life in stone). The science world has become more about career and less about science. The science world has got a reactionary attitude/ambiance. Science needs explorers. People who have the courage and the capabilities to explore new things. We wants to jump mile ahead and than work their way back. Science today is like Verdun: much digging, less progress. Science must loose a few pounds to get dynamic again. Science in the 21st century (as in: today) needs people like Tesla and Einstein: we dare to jump and look to things from other perspectives. Science needs more Columbus type of people. To many scientists have mortgages. To less scientists are really 'taken' by something. Emotion for something is considered not scientifically. Science needs a wakeup call. The most easy way to do this is cutting budgets. Budgets and science are contrary. Very much contrary. Scientists that demands more budget are not the most brilliant scientists, but more managers. Science has become to specialistic. Science needs a new science: comprehensive science. Energy science can be that science. As everything is just organized energy, than energy could be the comprehensive science: combining biology, chemistry and physics into one new knowledge area. What maid Tesla and Einstein so brilliant? They saw this and could by science jump miles in years. Imagination is everything (Einstein). Tesla lived in his own state of mind, driven by his passion for energy. They where discovering scientists. A mix of defense and discovery backed by a scientifically approach. No longer just defense, no longer is only yesterday leading, but tomorrow gets 50% of the time/resources.

Author: Gijs Graafland

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