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As our current energy resources gets more expensive and even sometimes will not be available, we need to transite to other/new energy resources. Transition is not about doing the same as we do today only with an other type of fuel (and therefore with the need for new devices). The interstate and international flights we will loose due the combination of the high energy demand of this and the high energy prices. The same applies to the interstate highways. Energy will become expensive and anything that uses a lot of energy will become a luxurious item to use. So transition is not about cars/trucks/planes. We will loose them anyway: we ill not be able and willing to fund the future expensive energy use of them anyway. The will eat to much out of our prosperity. Transition is about where we work (working in the city will become to expensive by the drive to it) and how we live (our houses). Transition is about a new economic model (localization due to energy prices) with all it's advantages and disadvantages. We must reinvent our economies and our prosperity. Transition is about a new way of using energy at home. We will not only purchase electricity from the grid, we will produce it by ourselves, we will less shower and use more the sauna (as that demand less energy). Transition is about redesigning our economies and our way of life, when cheap energy has left us.

Author: Gijs Graafland

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