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The only thing that will be transported a lot in the future is electrical power and digital bits. Physical transport (as it demands a lot of energy) will decline very much. Air transport and air travel was only massive possible due to cheap kerosene (jet fuel) prices. Interstate highway transport from east to west of a continent was only possible due to cheap diesel prices. This will change the ranch of both products and people. There is no cheap alternative available for these former cheap carbon based huge loads of energy. High energy prices stops the globalization trend in both travel and production: it just will become too expensive. We're in denial of these whole transport (and thereby also mobility) issue, but the only ones that in the near future will fly, commute and use foreign products will be the above average wealthy. This add not a few items, but almost a whole Yellow Pages of 'to do things' to our PeakEnergy response to-do-list.

Author: Gijs Graafland

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