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Besides the pressure on the global finite resources, there's also a pressure on the wide available, but yet limited pure local resources, which like clean water and clean air and abundant food. Global water or air pollutions are only possible by major volcanoes causes (or by atomic war or technical causes), otherwise local air, local water and local water resources can be address mostly or even completely local. Of course rain water must be used maximally. Of course water pollution by industrial chemical and sewerage bacterial originated pollutions must be reduced maximally. In China coal is a huge air pollution issue (like it was in Europe and the USA until the '60ties), there is a lot to gain concerning local environment. Everywhere in the world. Clean air is also economic: less diseases gives a better economy by lower health costs and higher overall productivity. The same applies to water. Clean water is equal to less health care costs. And clean air and clean water improves the quality of life severely. Wellbeing has no actual price tag on it, can't be purchased, yet is the highest economic achievement. Soil is also a limited resource. There's soil enough on the planet for everybody. Unless we all start to eat 100 kg bio industry instead of grass cattle based meat a year. Than we need the soil of 3 more earths to grow cereals for the animals on.

Author: Gijs Graafland

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