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There are resources that oversize human needs structural now and for always: Earth thermal energy, and all different types of solar energy (and all it's diversions like light, warmth, wind, wave, thermal etc) and fusion energy (or any type of new tapping/harvesting natures sources). Both earth and solar are technological and economic already to use, yet widely unused, huge opportunities lay very much and full economic open. The of T. Boone Pickens drafts a plan to take the 20% natural gas out of power generation and replace it with wind. Making this 22% natural gas available for transportation use. Reducing the addiction to foreign energy for transportation use with 38% and stops the export of US wealth with more than $ 700 billion (each year!!!) by $ 100 per barrel oil prices and $ 1.05 trillion (a year!!) by the current $ 150 per barrel oil price, which will be doubled by equal price rise of oil on the world market. This stops a huge wealth drain of double digit figures in the US economy / GDP which is in total approximately $ 13 trillion a year. Ones again is proven that ideology can't move anything and economy can move mountains. No bad word for ideology, but it's results are mainly just talk, window dressing and green washing. Al Gore has had with 'The Inconvenient Truth" a huge impact on the mind and perception of people, companies and govern­ments. But no one had flown one mile less because of it. We just start flying less when the ticket prices where going become too expensive for our taste due the oil price rise. The power of economics is beyond expectation. Major changes can be realized without one ounce of governmental support if they are driving by economic factors. When the economic factors are green for green and red for carbon, carbon will looses it's grip on economies and societies. The major advantages of fusion energy are not available yet. Fusion energy is far, far, very far away from technological realizable. The method research today is concen­trated on is maybe not the right method. Planck Foundation thinks is a need of a new high tech fusion project approach in the world market. Total different as all fusion projects that there are out there. Not trying to find materials to isolate the fusion, but a (also very price effective) 'open' (as in no) 'building' made out of / by magnetism. Controlling the fusion by magnetism and initiating it with crossing lasers. By the fact that the building than is 'virtual' (based on magnetism), it can be very easy installed everywhere there are population or industry concentrations. The result is enormous volumes of hot water > steam > electricity. When this fusion technology becomes available the (by James Howard Kunstler by one of his books so called) 'long emergency' (marking the time frame that energy and water will be very expensive) will come to an end, because power and water (by power intensive desalination than again possible on large scale everywhere) becomes cheap again and this will give huge prosperity anywhere on the world. The old cities than maybe will be revitalized by this new available cheap energy, cheap water and cheap food (the three basic fundaments all cities on the world are build on). Tesla his controlled unleashing the positive ion charges of the stratosphere to the earth energy plan is better on the shelf than in function: it's like the current nuclear fission technology full of dangers will global impact (it could be a Pandora's box by it chances of damaging the ionosphere and having severe weather changes dangers). Science without responsibility is even powerful as science with responsibility. The more inventive the science, the more good morality the scientist needs in searching for development directions. Science is neutral, the output of it's directions not. The human mind/intellect can also been seen as an unlimited resource.

Author: Gijs Graafland

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