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The evident direction is something everyone (person, household, company and government) must distillated based on own analyses. The described direction outliners as listed at the end of this Global Future Analysis maybe could help in this process. But expensive energy will certainly lead to the birth of vibrant local economic development anywhere in the world. Both Schumacher (building vibrant local economies) and Raiffeisen (vibrant finance of local economies) will be republished a lot in the 21st century: their visions and experiences just fit the 21st century with its Energy Crisis and Credit Crisis like tailor made suits. The USA certainly need both a Gorbashev who has the courage just say loud and clear: we have gone too far: we're broke: we say goodbye to overstretched growth, we don't switch to 'capitalism light', but go for a sustainable version of capitalism that is focused on sustainable prosperity and later on a Putin who facilitate new economic growth from the ashes of debt: a creator of sustainable prosperity. The biographies of both Gorbashev and Putin also will be published a lot for that reason. The world needs certainly new Nikola Tesla's: people who design the for the 21st century needed technology, like Tesla has done that for the 20th century. People who are not able only to theorize the need of new developments (like this report only does), but actual outlays a set of needed total new physical, energy and chemical understandings and also will design the devices need for utilizing it. Tesla has done that and initiated the Second Industrial Revolution (coal/stream to electricity), we need now people who will initiate scientific new horizons and practical device design (two complete different worlds that must find each other: the need each other) the Fourth Industrial Revolution (expensive carbon to yet limited renewable, therefore localization direction). The Fifth Industrial Revolution (cheap abundant renewable energy) will be based on Tesla's power science direction and Tesla/Kawaga/Derksen quantum heritage: The Tesla/Kawaga/Derksen based fundamentals combined with the use of a mix of new advanced technology of many sciences: high voltages, high and low frequencies, lasers, magnetism, resonance and catalysts that change processes totally. Based on Kawaga his quantum theory: there are no particles, every particle is just an energy configuration and interacts with other 'particles' to new energy configurations. Based on Tesla's vision: after his major Niagara Falls hydro power project at 40% of his career he was completely obsessed for finding ways to 'tap' any kind of renewable energy configuration, with deep respect for only using not changing or drowning nature (Harnessing the Wheelwork of Nature). A model based on their fundamentals and directions has the best odds, realizing many new basic sciences and maybe devices to 'tap' yet not used quantum energy sources, besides maximization of the use of the current available traditional renewal energy sources. We're running out of gas for the Second (power) and Third (digital) Industrial Revolution. In the main time energy will be scare and expensive and we need to adjust/transite our economies and societies by/to this fact. We need to survive PeakOil without turbulence. The heritage of the above mentioned direction outlines can help us in realizing a new future where we use less expensive hydrocarbons and by that will have/maintain maximal prosperity In times of expensive energy. We need a severe Energy Revolution (not some marginal change) yesterday and meanwhile we must adapt our economies/societies to very expensive energy by advanced localization, let's rest all the space, fission and military (toys for boys) mumbo-jumbo and focus us with some help here and there of the above direction outliners. There is certainly a need for a new Geneva Protocol that abolish besides chemical and biological weapons, also space activities (is going of our protection layer, and is a theoretical huge bacteriological risk, besides: we have 'some severe work to do at home': put this budgets in supporting independent energy research), ionosphere targeted activities (is fooling with our global protection layer, without the ionosphere we all be dead within one week or shorter by radiation), gen modification (making copiers without being able to control the number and mutations of the copies) and nuclear fission (this line is last line 50% of the readers will read, but still it's just a wrong direction and temperately shortcut, while there are many better and longer lasting options are available), will the world in the 21st century not face the same disasters as it face with chemical weapons in the 20th century. These all are not reactionary / anti technology stands, but just some pro sustainable/prosperity technology direction seeking stands. Technology is neutral and could change everything. For the better of for the worse. We must seek a sustainable prosperous future, build on unlimited resources and abolish every threat that could have huge impact. People who talk down the huge risks attached to bad technological directions, always have a financial interest in these technologies. Money is a set of glasses, that's change the views of reality sometimes. Technology is beautiful, it's a tribute to the intelligence of mankind. Let's use it. Let's use it the right way: it will help us severe. Why bother about space as the needed solutions are reachable within the nucleus (just reverse space technology: quite some real relativity)? Where is energy around us and how we can tap it? En yes: how could we more output than input, not -useless- overlooking the First Law of Thermodynamics (Conservation of Energy), but by using/exploring it in a technological environment. How we make hydrogen out of water with an almost 0% current lost by use of the right set of water based and electrode based catalysts where we feed only the water and takes temperature of an separate water stream that we feed though glass pipes though the process chamber, etc. How we get cold fusion by high voltages, lasers in virtual by magnetism 'build' open air sites. Etc, etc, etc. Any scientist and any company can make name and/or a fortune in good (as in: to sustainable global prosperity contributing) technology. Let's not use our human brilliance the wrong way: it will hurt us severely and we really have enough headwind already to deal with. But due maybe to localization as only available way to maintain prosperity, the above mentioned huge threats to mankind are in the near future not fundable anymore (as the economies and thereby all giant structures will decline). Einstein (not quite a science hater) has said it better in one line: "Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius (and a lot of courage) to move in the opposite direction."

Author: Gijs Graafland

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