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An actual English board member of Shell. Who was in charge of the production of the 'scramble or blueprint' energy future scenarios of Shell. Blueprints will not happen: Why? 1) the blueprint scenario total ignores the market driven reality of energy (more demand than supply). 2) the blueprint scenario total ignores the proven incapability of governments to create a global mutual understanding and to define global mutual policies in the current structures. The blueprint scenario is an unrealistic dream. The blueprint scenario is in concept even more a nightmare than a dream: only a world government could realize it and also/right then fairness will be disappear. Not according Orwell, but according history. Scramble is just reality and the smartest way to go. The smartest always are the winners. Socialism has proven to be the most inefficient way to reach economic goals, or, the most efficient way to reach only fractional parts of the targets. Competition is the answer. In carbon purchase contracts and carbon purchase relations, in transition away from carbon, in conservation, in developing low energy prosperity and in exploring new energy sources. Only competition gives progress in adequate solutions. Shell's call for the blueprint scenario is the most undemocratic action ever made by Shell.

Author: Gijs Graafland

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