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A passed away very unknown Japanese aristocratic scientist 20th century who studied on Princeton in the US in 1914-1916 when Einstein was very well analyzed at Princeton, who designed (and not actively promoted) a remarkable quantum model, argued that atoms of elements were only/just organized energy: ahead of his time, he brook totally with the physical concept in the quantum science, promoting his vision that physical science and chemical science just different types of energy science are, turned his back to his aristocratic background, stayed scientific active but became common known in Japan as he choose to for impacting society instead of impacting science. Became a famous poet and the father of the Japanese labor unions, the Japanese coops plus and funded the Japanese Anti-War Movement in 1928. Was the leading anti-war pacifist during a very heavy by military powers dominate WWII phase in Japanese history, which was protected by his aristocratic background and the sympathy of the people.

Author: Gijs Graafland

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