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An independent (non Republican and non Democrat) American politician who has stated over and over again that both the Democrats and the Republicans are over-lobbied and therefore severe malfunctioning in his point of view. His message is mainly pro virgin like characteristics of government, serving the people and not serving the interest of lobbyists. Nader wants to reduce federal power in favor of more 'short distance' power, as the more power has a distance to the voters, the more power gets accessible for lobbyists and erodes from its mission and the less it serves the voters. Votes for Nadar is the reason that Al Gore was not elected in 2000, Kerry not in 2004 and will maybe the reason that Obama will not be elected in 2008. Maybe the Republicans must fix the 2000-2008 created/started issues in 2008-2012 and Democrats must not want to do this, because they are too huge for policy changes and Democrats could face issues they don't want to face. And if the Republicans and Democrats don't discover low energy prosperity, than maybe Nader will be elected as president in 2012 (or earlier as the next Administration could not fix the in 2000-2008 created/started issues), Focus on low energy driven high prosperity local development is the huge white spot in the US electoral map, that gains overwhelming size with every dollar the oil price rises.

Author: Gijs Graafland

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