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A post WW II English novelist, writer of the two classics Big Brother and Animal Farm who has learn the postwar world that state control is always only beneficial for a small leading group and is a threat to an open on fair competition based innovative society, he described very well the hunger of states for control and not for on freedom of thinking based innovation. Maybe the most important line in his 1984 book is the one where one of the characters says: 'maybe there is no war out their, maybe they just make it up'. A line to remember in times where all civilian rights are have been broken down due the War on Terror. Don't loose what you've fight for in centuries. Freedom is lack of fear for the government. Freedom is the basic requirement for building prosperity. Freedom is not a nasty word. It has been the goal of the founding fathers, the reason they left their former homelands.

Author: Gijs Graafland

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