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An Russian statesman, very pragmatically, called the day after his inauguration the people who put him in power and told them friendly/resolute that the Russian state needs income from the resources former governments has sold to them for symbolic figures and put Russia and the Russian people economic back on the map, and had as a very absolute -with all it's backsides- leader the wisdom to put a more democrat minded successor in his seat for building more democracy, more freedom (of press) and economic development after restructuring resources and government and paying -literally- overnight all foreign debts caused by former presidents. Under Putin, Russia abandon military power (no more than just a flight when there a NATO drill) and gain economic/political (as in gas/food and later-on maybe also water export) power. Russia and Brazil are the winners of the 21st century: the have abundant everything a nation needs, from energy, by water to food. Putin's pragmatically attitude is best shown in his response when the US builds digital SDI bases near Russia: he called Havana and mention building bases again on Cuba. Putin has pulled Russia out of the post-communism misery that NATO not address in 1989. Putin was not very nice for media, opposition and the businesses/businessmen in natural resources who don't want to give the state a controlling 51% state share in their operations. By putting the young and dynamic Medvedev to the front as his successor Putin signals that Russia maybe will get back its media/politic diversity it has in the '90ties again.

Author: Gijs Graafland

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