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An US president in the '80, persistent in policies to drive the inefficient socialistic economy USSR into bankruptcy by 1) a weapon race and by 2) manipulating the oil price to lowest level possible by a pact with the Saudi royal family. Ending/winning the cold war by this and gave the post WW II world a new chance. If timing was different Reagan certainly has helped Gorbashev overcoming the internal post Cold War / post communism issues (see Reagan's Let Poland be Poland initiative), something the Reagan's successor (President H.W. Bush) unfortunately hasn't done. On the other hand is the Reagan Administration responsible for the stop of any non-carbon energy research and tax credits for solar/wind the Carter Administration had initiated based on the 'Global 2000 Report to the President' report. The huge reservoirs of Alaska's Prudhoe Bay, the European Continental Shelf and the Mexican Cantarell came online and the Western World goes into sleep for a generation till oil production stop rising in 2005 and was real crude awaked at the end of 2007 when oil prices flirted with $ 100 per barrel barrier and mid 2008 when oil prices flirted with the $ 150 per barrel barrier.

Author: Gijs Graafland

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