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A passed away Serbian/American scientist on the break of the 19th and 20th century, a brilliant mind who invented AC power, the electrical grid (before the AC grid invention of Tesla, the DC grid needs a power generation station every 2 miles), the electro motor (just draw the design in the sand with a stick during a conversation with a friend in the park), radio -as confirmed in a Supreme Court decision some months after his dead in 1943 was Tesla several years earlier with radio than Marconi and had Marconi copied Tesla's techno­logies-, microwave, neon, seismology, remote control, robot technology, radar, high efficient hydro electro turbines, energy weapons, SDI, HAARP and many, many more devices we or use today or never want to use ever, truly the father of the Second Industrial Revolution by the fact that he designed both the conduction/electro motor and the electrical AC grid that powered it, leaving coal/steam behind, the guy who before the 20th century started just almost by his self designed the main technologies that could/would drive that new century, an opponent to Einstein's vision on quantum energy, very interesting and could change our total view on quantum physics ones again, both the Casmir effect and the proven zeropoint energy -proven by the fact that Helium stays liquid on to absolute minimum temperature- are two of the supporters of Tesla his quantum science direction-, by his more than people could handle intelligence, some strange neurotic habits and the fact that he could sit for hours and days completely 'into' the phenomena of electricity, sitting between the fascinating high voltage flashes he created by his coils in his lab, that also was located in an area with also many thunderstorms with many thunderbolts, theorizing to understand electricity, he was by this all more and more often called the mad scientist -even pictured in a Superman carton feature movie in 1941 as such-, in reality he was his time almost 100 year ahead, understood the science and potential concepts of energy as not many after him, his views and visions on energy, ionosphere, solarwind and the quantum theory has gain more and more research in the last decade and his focused on renewable energy more than 100 years ago was unique.

Author: Gijs Graafland

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