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The actual Chinese Minister of Finance. Blocking actively any more Chinese capital injections to technical bankrupted financials (see the PingAn/Fortis case) and thereby the only outlook on loads of fresh capital of the banks (the Arabs will not act anymore as the Chinese have stopped acting: therefore is the Chinese trade knowledge too high valuated. Demanding almost weekly from the US federal government treasurer (Paulson) the assurance that the Chinese investments in US treasury bonds and GSE bonds will we protected. The man who literally holds the future of the USA federal government in his one hand and the value of the dollar in his other hand. When he stops buying US treasuries, the US government will run out of money without one month. When he starts to actively more diversify his assets, the dollar will collapse instantly. So much for American Independency. Making debts doesn't equal independency anymore, that was back in the old days, when the US dominated the oil trade. Cash is king. Xuren is the real president of the USA. Xuren will not accept an US own initiated/managed Chapter 11 scenario, that will clean the US debt overnight. Xuren is also the man who sees the bill of the energy capital drain of China each day and thereby the man who will force the Chinese government and economy into new energy technology. The man who will not rest before China will be equal to new energy technology and the energy capital drain will stop.

Author: Gijs Graafland

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