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Simple: just open the windows (passive) on bring ventilators (active) and automatically opened windows in the last (coldest) phase of the night let building flow full of cold air. In many warm countries the poor mans airco is a wet towel hanging in the window (as water that vaporizes 'eats' a lot of energy due the energy absorption characteristics of water. Semi simple: Aircos based on new technologies could be a lot more effective if they will use water vaporizing or just plain air cooling on top of the roofs. Airco's could use than only 10-20% of their current power consumption. Datacenters use huge loads of power for the equipment they shelter. They use on top of that an additional extra 70% of these large volumes of power for cooling down the warmth effect of the used energy. For datacenters there is already new airco technology that reduce the power bill from 170% (100% + 70%) to 115% (100% + 15%). Advanced/Futuristically: By a combination of catalysts, magnetism, high voltage waves achieving that air gases become more dense (and let them eat warmth out of the air by this). The if for example catalysts could expand atoms, the first low of thermo­dynamics will give free energy out of the air. So a complex (low/high frequent waves, high/low frequent resonance, high voltages, magnetism and catalysts based) process that harvest energy out of normal air temperatures.

Author: Gijs Graafland

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