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Bio energy use will lower external energy demand in both homes and farms. All types of organic waste will be used to generate biogas. All farmers will have animals again. Farmers will grow their own diesel by growing oil containing crops. Each agricultural focused village will have it's own bio oil refinery. Trees will appear everywhere again. New bio based energy will be aquaculture based algae and air based high density flora that eats CO2 out of the air and make it to some CH types in terrifying speed. The new bio waste process is not burning it, but gasifying it: more efficient in energy return and better to handle in energy use. A dry bacteria that eats CO2 out of the air and turns it in to a CH type (oil like substance) would be nice: just capturing/harvesting the fluid. The algae/bacteria that on the soil of the farms eats N out of the air and fertilize the soil with it certainly will also a huge energy source (as in: bypassing the need of fertilizers and thereby lowering global natural gas demand severely).

Author: Gijs Graafland

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