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Fission is not a good energy source, because it's playing with possible pollution of whole continents. Therefore fission is certainly a no go zone for energy harvesting with huge major impact disadvantages and possibilities. It's only (not more and not less) a beta/development version of nuclear energy harvesting and a wrong detraction in this area. The nuclei can give us certainly cheap and abundant energy, but fission has got so much downsides that we must see it just as a quick to leave experiment and find the right way for exploration of nuclear energy. Any energy source that could damage the world at large scale must be abandoned: we looking for answers, not for new problems: we have already problems enough the next years. Each rich town that can afford it will start to build its own nuke facility and this way tries to extent the life time of the city with one of two decades, but building it will take a decade and the price of nuke fuel will be oil price connected. A lot of investment for nothing, only a few of all these thousands will be fully finished. Fission was the wrong detraction of the interesting road to nuclear energy. Uranium 235 is scare and production will be peaked in a decade or two: so it give no sustainable solution. The cost of Uranium 235 will explode, linear with oil prices (see the price development of coal and gas, that goes parallel with oil, or if you want to call it so: are oil attached). Only in 2007 there were several leaks in fission plants all around the world and in Sweden even someone of the maintenance crew was arrested while trying to enter with explosives in his bag. Fission is risks and we don't multiplying risks, we need multiplying solutions. We will be again bounded by foreign nations that will supply us and tap our wealth and we become political dependent once again. Just like our oil addiction drains our wealth now, and also force us to do business with regimes who operate not democratic and repress large parts of their people. Nuclear plants operate without insurance: no commercial insurer will give any kind of coverage. The first thing the fission based nuclear should do is initiating a joint insurance pool, that will be feed with 10% of their turnover. The fact that a whole very high risk energy just operates without insurance and just find this normal is very characteristic for the common attitude in the fission nuclear industry. The fission based nuclear industry has not so much a PR problem, they have more a severe attitude problem. There is certainly a connection with nuclear weapons of mass destruction (why otherwise are nations against the nuclear ambitions of other nations) and nuke side products (uranium dust) is also being used in anti tank weapons for mass increase and for it's burning specifications after impact. Nuclear energy is about just turning costs of problems and costs of waste and after operation on society, actual and on the bill of the next generation. We have damaged the interests of the next generation more than we should already. Time for sustainable prosperity. For us and our children.

Author: Gijs Graafland

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