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Nuclear fusion has (theoretical) great possibilities for local based cheap and abundant power generation if we could find a process that could be initiated and maintained relatively easy and thereby cheap. The solution may lay in combining different technologies. Using the energy that releases by nuclear transformation and/or fusion (if it is possible) could lead to the invention of small local nuclear fusion thermal power plants, where the needed high temperature and handling of these high temperatures by magnetism. If one of these of both should take place than cheap and abundant energy is available again, but magnetic and fusion scientists don't see that happen, so new scientist must be born/grow otherwise this will not happen, current magnetism and fusion science doesn't lead to those two. From a nickel you never can make a dime by engineering. We need a new dime by a new design/concept. The current fusion direction of ITER is a dead end street. A nickel, no dime. Trying to polish a nickel into a dime. That's useless. First find the dime, than polish it. First find the right direction, based on a new invention/concept. Current ITER direction is trying to polish something that isn't it into something that is it. Finding first something that is it, than polish it. Current direction of ITER is based on the concept that enough concentrated and funded middle class will lead to top class, major brake trough inventions are not done in ITER like settings, they're based on a feeling/direction of a full (or just partial) genius, and are only polished/adjusted (not designed) in ITER like settings. Or this will be by the use of a complex (low/high frequent, resonance, magnetism, lasers, catalysts based) nuclear fusion process of simple structured elements, that harvests energy out of nuclei. Not trying to find materials to isolate the fusion, but a (also very price effective) 'open' (as in no) 'building' made out of / by magnetism. Controlling the fusion by magnetism and initiating it with crossing lasers. By the fact that the building than is 'virtual' (based on magnetism), it can be very easy installed everywhere there are population or industry concentrations. How we get easier to operate, energy/cost effective colder fusion by use high voltages, lasers in virtual by magnetism 'build' open air sites.

Author: Gijs Graafland

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