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We can harvest all above mentioned energy sources, but these will not equal in supply quantity nor in price the passed away times of cheap oil. The future of global energy must become cheap and abundant again. As we in the future already has harvested sun, wind, sea en geo energy maximally: Real new energy sources will most likely be based on a harvesting energy out of the two substances that are abundant available everywhere: water and air. We must find ways to harvest temperature energy within water and air. By a mix of technologies we have (partial/rudimental) available right now yet, but we must apply in a certain (not know yet) composition. What for technologies we must explore deeper (before we can start to mix them in processes)? We need to develop more/deeper/wider/opener in the following science fields: Biotics, magnetics, voltaics, resonansics, laserics, catalystics, chemics, pressuristics and ionics. Find a mixture of technologies that 'to work around' (surprisingly doing this by just using) the first look of first law of thermodynamics (conservation: the fact that energy not can be 'born' or 'lost') by use other physical/chemical nature laws that will release energy we now can't release without a mixture of these technologies. Energy input that will be multiplied by physical/chemical characteristics.

Author: Gijs Graafland

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