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The temperature difference between the earth soil and buildings and environments can be used for 1) warming, 2) cooling, 3) condense based irrigation and 4) power generation (this last technology is currently only used on/nearby the hotspots of the world). What powers geothermal? Beneath the surface it is cooler that above the surface and some more below the surface it is much more warmer than it's above the surface. Both the cold of the earth as the warmth of the earth can be explored. In drilling leaks in groundwater reservoirs could be a huge danger of implementation without local geo research. Therefore geothermal needs some legislation that forbids the use of geothermal when it would drain groundwater reserves. Geothermal can be used anywhere in the world. Geo Power is at this moment only economical possible in/nearby the hot spots of the world, but this could be changed as warmth pump/power technologies improve in performance/efficiency and energy prices rise.

Author: Gijs Graafland

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