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Invading countries is not a good indirect (indirect) energy source, but violent robbery within the international community with severe damage of own future interest. When the granting distribution model is placed on top of the price based distribution model, nations that has invade other energy rich countries will certainly fish behind the fishing fleet of the rest of the world and only be granted the leftovers (which will not be there). Venezuela already prefer not to sale to the USA, Iran prefers China and India. When the US leave Iraq the oil rich Sunni South will not want to sale to the USA. The USA must reconsider its energy policies very soon/quick as Mexico and Canada will produce each year coming year severe less. The US must build real friendships in the world. Abandon the military option and concentrate on the US Aid option. Military make oil expensive and is a treat to continuous supply. US Aid will lower the price and make supply regular. The oil internationals that will follow the US invasion of Iraq certainly will certainly faced with re-nationalization (and all the attached capital lost) and will not have sustainable/future positions in Iraq. The same applies for mining companies and pipeline companies that entering Afghanistan in the trail of the US invasion there.

Author: Gijs Graafland

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