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Energy will become much more expensive than it is already now. We must seek new energy sources. Stop thinking that carbon energy was the only source and that there is no other future. If we stay thinking that kind of thoughts, there certainly will not an other energy future. Luck is not something that will come rescue us. Invention will maybe. We need a new approach on energy. A post carbon approach. We must close our psychological departial process related to carbon energy and face a carbon less future. Only then we get inventive and create a new/inventive type of scientists. We need to see 1) that there are seas of energy out there, but 2) that we don't how to tap them yet. We must start thinking the way Tesla thought. A good first step in this direction is that we start to realize that everything we see is just organized energy. Mass is organized energy. This will make us new energy minded. Than we're open to find ways to tap/harvest all these seas of energy. And we really don't have a clue jet. But that's no problem, as long we start open our perspectives today. Than tomorrow we find ways. Ways that will have dead ends and maybe ways that lead us to a new energy future that not will burden our economies and have no geopolitical games attached to it. We will not forget the laws of thermodynamics, but we will find ways to exploit them instead of being captured by them. First we want to tap the oceans of energy we do recognized earlier, second we search for process characteristics that release more energy than it demands energy input. Transport also maybe needs a complete different scientifically (ion propulsion based) approach.

Author: Gijs Graafland

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