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The complete focus on economic consumption has take it's toll. Not only in the world, in the environment, in society, in families, but also in people. Western people have become spoiled. Nothing is left to go for, nothing is left to fight for. Easy to get economic growth (consumerism) is the main movement in the first world since the '80ties. Consumerism has undermined social structures and depowered people severely since then. Consumerism is a movement with no loyalty to itself. When consumerism doesn't perform anymore, it has instant no followers anymore. The absent of drive probably than become compensated by over drive, with a lack vision and policy, as we will wish that we had grow more independent minds and a diverse society and governmental system, as that would keep us earlier on the right track before the crash and would avoided the collision due the Credit Crisis and the Energy Crisis. And without awareness, with too much simplicity, with misplaced focus, no vision and no policy there is now pressure for action. We want to not to survive but pass away during the night. We're not only stupid, but also lazy in both thinking and acting. So much for our future and the future of our children.

Author: Gijs Graafland

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