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The mainstream awareness status of PeakX and its complications was till 2007 near zero level. Due the price rally of oil this is changing. News papers/sites that haven't the oil/gas/power/water price and the governmental debt, total financials writedowns and daily/weekly IRS income on their front pages are not getting the impact of these mega influences on every word in their whole publication. Stock exchange figures are just figures of one day momentum trades. Energy prices eats everyday severe amount of capital out of the economic system. Concerning the Credit Crisis, there is no much awareness about the size of this problem: the biggest economy of the world (the economy of the US) is for many years partial fuelled not by production, but by consumption on credit. The size of this huge and long maintained economic waste is underestimated, due to less awareness. This load of burned/consumed capital must be balanced and this will hit twice as much as it give pleasure first. The Credit Crisis is over tomorrow almost everybody says. Meanwhile more and more homes go into foreclosure, pressing down the market prices of houses towards 50% decline. When in a street more houses are in foreclosure the house price sinks like a brick in quicksand. Quick sand is a beautiful word. Fuelling economies by consumption on credit is just building on quicksand: total unsustainable, total without any long term future perspective. The results of the Credit Crisis (and it's huge by no one even to imaging consequen­ces) is the cause of current quicksand (fractional banking till 1/65 equity ratio's) in economies. It will be abandoned in the new capitalistic model. Governments will seize the central banks as they run out of trustworthy money printing capacities. About the size of the Credit Crisis there is no awareness. It's like the Energy Crisis: We all know the facts, but the consequences are too severe to discuss them without the risk of losing intellectual creditability. So our less awareness is more a courage problem, we don't like to research the size and impact of both crises because we don't like the answers that will come out of it. Concerning the Water Crisis (and the connected Food Crisis) awareness is also very low. Concerning the consequences of the Credit Crisis, Energy Crisis and Water Crisis there is zero awareness. We don't want to be awakened by things like a Food Crisis, an Economic Crisis, a Governmental Crisis, a Currency Crisis and a Geopolitical Crisis. We don't like these things, so we don't think much about them. Still the 3 problems that will give them grows each day: the Credit Crisis, the Energy Crisis and the Water Crisis. Less awareness is a choice, feed by underlying factors as described below.

Author: Gijs Graafland

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