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Planck Foundation wants to support local/regional/national initiatives not only theoretically by the production/communication of Analyses and Models, but also practically by generating digital facilities called the Technologies. Local/regional/national initiatives should have just plug and play facilities. Channeling their efforts maximal. Preventing any further delay in transition time. From the below described Exposure activities the Digital Facilities for the Movement has already grown. Any movement needs facilities. A digital based/feed movement needs digital facilities. The by Planck Foundation initiated Global Development Movement is unique, full digital thereby totally flat (no hierarchical structure), just digital servicing/facilitating overlay organizations, servicing/facilitating national/local actions. One digital engine that facilitates every information, communication, concept and facilitation. No overhead, full digital, just building the best 'user information feed/driven engines': that local people of the world could benefit tremendously off. Engines that facilitate in the full spectrum national/local governments, national/local businesses and national/local energy/water specialists. The concept is a flat, non hierarchical structure. Just servicing local/regional/national efforts. The best way to steer and support developments is facilitating them. Ruling is something is just killing the existing drives and powers. Organizations we don't need: they cost money and only slow down problem addressing power that grows explosive everywhere. Planck Foundation certainly must practice what it preaches: local is the norm / power / success concept of the economies/societies of tomorrow. Act local, think/research/facilitate global in an open knowledge based and communities/industries facilitating model. That's the concept of the Global Development Movement. Planck Foundation wants to realize, stimulate and facilitate this Movement the best possible within her budgets/reach.

Author: Gijs Graafland

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